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Dogs On The Downs Dog Walking Services est 2014

All owners can be assured that their pet will be content and safe with me. Your pets well-being and happiness are my priority at all times.

 I'm a fully insured dog walker that provides safe, socialising, fun and varied walks for all dogs in my care, I only walk a maximum of 5 dogs at a time to ensure not only safety but so each dog gets the full attention they deserve.

I want owners to have peace of mind that their precious pooches are in good hands.​


​We insist on meeting all potential clients before we undertake any work.  This initial consultation is FREE of charge and allows us to introduce ourselves to you and your pets.

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Hi I'm Cocoa  I love food oh yummy yummy food!!!! I really like playing chase, the faster the better and my other favourite thing is rolling in smelly stuff the smellier the better but my human always baths me after which I don't really like. I hope you come play with us soon big sloppy kisses xoxo


I'm Megan, I have always had a passion for animals and they have played a huge part in my life. My  main reason and inspiration for starting dogs on the downs was  my dog Cocoa that I rescued from Greece along with 14 others that have now got fantastic homes,  I have studied Canine behaviour, pet psychology, agility, canine and feline first aid, I'm currently training to become a puppy school tutor, and I have also done a lot of home study on canine nutrition and allergies.